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〒869-2501 熊本県阿蘇郡小国町1047-1
 090-9489-9084 / [email protected]
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As a rule, we ask that there be at least 2 people staying at the hotel. (If you are only one person, please send us an e-mail.)


Daytime use is also available. Please send us an email with your preferred time slot.

About TAO pocco 

Address: 1047-1, Oguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto 869-2501, Japan
 090-9489-9084 / [email protected]
Google Map

Googleマップに載っている写真の正面左側が母屋、右側の白い二階建てベランダ付きのガレージハウスがTAO poccoです。一階ガレージにご駐車ください。接触事故等、全てご宿泊者様の自己責任になりますのでご注意下さい。一階ガレージ奥の左側のドアが入り口になります。そこで靴を脱いで頂き、二階へ上がって下さい。部屋ではスリッパをお履きください。

The front left side of the photo on Google Maps is the main house and the white two-story garage house with a veranda on the right side is TAO pocco.
Please park in the garage on the first floor. Please note that all accidents, including collisions, are the sole responsibility of the guests.
The entrance is the door on the left at the back of the garage on the first floor. Please TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF there and go upstairs. Please wear slippers in your room.

火気厳禁!! 部屋の中で火の使用は一切できません。
土足厳禁!! 部屋では必ず室内用のスリッパを履いて下さい。
節電消灯!! 階段やガレージの電気が点けっぱなしにならないよう消灯を心がけてください。

【Important request to the guests】
No fire!! No fire of any kind is allowed in the room.
No shoes in the room !! Please always wear indoor slippers in your room.
Power saving!! Please do not forget to turn off the lights in the stairways and garages.

一棟貸し切り 素泊まり
Accommodation type
Rental of a whole building, overnight stay with no meals

イン:16時~26時(午前2時) / アウト:~10時
Check-in & out (You will be provided with a self-check-in PIN at the time of reservation.)
In: 16:00-26:00(2am) / Out: 〜10:00

●Air b&b でのご予約
クレジットカードでお支払をご希望される場合には、下記TAO pocco のAir b&bのサイトより御予約ください。(お値段が季節等により多少変動します)
If you wish to pay by credit card, please make your reservation through TAO pocco's Air b&b website below. (Prices vary slightly)

●宿泊料と宿泊人数 定員5名
お1人 税別 3,500円〜(季節・曜日により変動)
※Air b&bを通さない場合には、お支払いは現地・現金のみ承ります
Accommodation fees and maximum number of guests
3,000 per person, excluding tax (up to 6 people)
Payment can only be made on-site and in cash(if you reserve NOT via Air b&b).

Air b&bを通さない場合には、宿泊料お支払いは現金のみになります。チェックインまたはチェックアウト時に承ります。
Payment for accommodation is in cash only(if you reserve NOT via Air b&b).
Payment can be made upon check-in or check-out.

・2日前 30%  ・前日 50%
・当日 (21時までに連絡なく不泊の場合 含む)100%
Cancellation fee
2 days before 30% - The day before 50% 
100% on the day (including no-shows without notice by 21:00)

You can bring your own food/ingredients and cook outdoors in the garden or in the garage on the first floor.(charge: 500Yen/person)

TAO poccoガレージハウス2階の宿泊室では電子レンジ、オーブントースター等を使った加熱は可能ですが、火を使った料理は出来ません。火を使ったお料理をしたい人は、庭や、1階ガレージ空間でアウトドア仕様の自炊が出来ます。料理希望の方はお問い合わせください。調理器具などは、持ち込みも、貸し出しも可能です。

The second floor of the Tao Pocco Garage House is equipped with a microwave oven and a toaster oven, but cooking over a fire is not allowed. If you wish to cook over a fire, you can do so in the garden or in the garage space on the first floor. Please contact us if you wish to cook. Cooking utensils can be brought in or rented out.


Please do not use cups, glasses, and plates from the 2nd-floor accommodation rooms in the 1st-floor garage.


Food can be purchased at nearby supermarkets. Please take responsibility for cleaning up.

Sleeping arrangements
1 S bed, 1 W bed, 1 queen size bed, 2 futon sets

Air conditioner, fan, and kerosene heater are available,  The remote control for the air conditioner is on the table.

Western-style toilet
The entrance to the restroom is the door on the right side of the garage on the first floor.

Fiber-optic Wi-Fi, fire sticks available

Please bring your own toiletries and towels. If you forget your own, you can borrow them free of charge.

When using the table tennis table, please move it slowly to avoid scratching the floor.

・冷蔵庫 ・電子レンジ ・オーブントースター・子供用食器, 湯沸かしケトル ・時計 ・消火器  ・消毒液 ・オーガニック石鹸 ・台所用水切り ・オーガニック食器洗剤  ・洗面器 ・食器洗いスポンジ ・ゴミ箱 ・各種タオル・食器棚(•大小珈琲カップ •グラス6組 •大小皿 •お箸とスプーン •緑茶•紅茶•珈琲•薬草茶 •卓球ラケット&ピンポン玉)・ヘアドライヤー・
-Refrigerator -Microwave - Oven toaster - Tablewares for kids - Kettle for boiling water -Clock -Fire extinguisher -Disinfectant -Organic soap -Kitchen drainer -Organic dish detergent -Wash basin -Dishwashing sponge -Waste bin -Various towels and cupboards (-Large and small coffee cups -6 pairs of glasses -Large and small plates -Chopsticks and spoons -Green tea - Black tea - Coffee - Herbal tea -Table tennis rackets & ping pong balls) - Hair Dryer

・ティッシュ箱 ・ウェットティッシュ ・キッチンクロス ・懐中電灯 ・ガムテープ ・セロテープ ・全世界対応コンセントアダプタ ・3又コンセントプラグ ・バンドエイド ・保険薬 ・筆入(鉛筆、消しゴム、ペンシル、ペンシル芯、ボールペン、蛍光ペン、マジック黒赤、クリップ、カッター、付箋紙、定規、糊、ハサミ、ホッチキス、ホッチキス芯、修正液、修正テープ、爪切り) ・延長コード ・湯たんぽ ・洗濯物干し ・消毒液 ・蚊取り線香ケース ・除虫菊 ・各種お掃除道具
Equipments stored in sink drawer.
Tissue box - Wet wipes - Kitchen cloth - Flashlight - Gummed tape - Sellotape - Worldwide power outlet adaptor - 3-way plug - Band-Aids - Insurance medicine - Stationary case (pencil, eraser, pencil, pencil lead, biros, highlighter, magic marker black and red, paper clip, cutter, pencil lead, pencil, pencil, pencil lead, biros, highlighter, magic marker black and red, paper clip, cutter, pencil). Sticky notes, rulers, glue, scissors, staples, staple leads, correction fluid, correction tape, nail clippers) - Extension cords - Hot water bottles - Laundry drying tools - Disinfectant - Mosquito coils - Various cleaning tools

•公式競技用卓球台 •姿見鏡 •室内用スリッパ •ハンガー掛け •テーブル&イス •ソファ • DVD &ネット接続可能プロジェクター •ファイヤースティック• 3m6穴電源タップ •風の谷のナウシカ原作全巻 •映画マトリックスDVD全巻 •各種リモコン•ヨガマット・けん玉・子供用おもちゃ・カードゲーム・絵本
Equipment around the floor
-Table tennis table for official competitions -Mirror for viewing -Slippers for indoor use -Hangers -Tables & chairs -Sofa -DVD & Projector with internet access - Firestick - 3m 6-hole power strip - All original Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind books - All Movie Matrix DVDs - Various remote controls -Yoga mats-Kendama, children's toys-card games-picture books

Yoga mats and hot water bottles
There is a yoga mat under the bed and a hot water bottle under the sink.
Please feel free to make use of them. Please return them to their original place after use.
Using the private car or car rental is recommended. Free parking is available. If you come by bus, please get on at Kumamoto Station, Kumamoto Airport, Hakata Station, or Fukuoka Airport and get off at Yu-Station bus stop. It is a 20-minute walk from the road station. Pick-up service available (reservation required).


The following is the driving time from TAO pocco to major sightseeing spots.
* Convenience store, supermarket, and laundromat: 3 minutes
* Roadside station, town hall, bank, post office, TAO communications: 3 minutes.
* Tsuetate Onsen - Nabegataki Waterfall and Shibasaburo Kitasato Memorial Museum :10 minutes.
* Major hot springs(Kurokawa Onsen, Takenoyu, Hagenoyu): 15 minutes
* Daikanbo lookout, Oshido-ishi, TAO retreat & cafe:20 minutes

・ASOおぐに観光協会 https://ogunitown.info/
・南小国町観光協会 http://minamioguni.com/
・杖立温泉観光協会 https://tsuetate-onsen.com/
* Tourist association websites
* ASO Onukui Tourism Association https://ogunitown.info/
* Minami Oguni Town Tourist Association http://minamioguni.com/
* Canegata Onsen Tourist Association https://tsuetate-onsen.com/

Long-term discounts
Possible under certain circumstances. Please consult with us.

Information about local delicacies is available.  Please ask the host.
Cafés - soba noodles - Japanese food - Western food - Chinese food - curry - local cuisine - izakaya -. Organic vegan restaurants, etc.

In order to keep accommodation rates as reasonable as possible, please cooperate in saving electricity and separating and cleaning rubbish when leaving the premises.

ご興味のあるかたは、お気軽に[email protected]までお問い合わせください。

Overnight cooking classes are also available. If you are interested, please contact the host. (Example: intensive Yin-Yang and Five transformation seminar)

90分  10,000円+税  *延長の場合は30分につき5,000円+税
Counseling session for releasing the mental block
10000Yen+tax (90min.) *5,000yen(+tax) per 30 minutes for extension

お食事を希望される方には、自然食料理研究家によるケータリングサービスも可能です。(都合により対応できない場合がございます、必ず3日前までにご予約ください。朝食1000円、夕食2500円 税込)

Catering services by a natural food chef are available for those wishing to eat in. (This service is subject to availability. Please make sure to book at least three days in advance. Breakfast 1000 yen, dinner 2500 yen tax incl.

日本語 英語
The host speaks Japanese and English

TAO poccoの入口ドアの鍵はキーボックスに入れてあります。キーボックスの場所や暗証番号は予約時のメールのやりとりの中でお知らせします。外出や退出の際は、TAO poccoの入口ドアを外から鍵をかけてキーボックスに必ず入れてください。
The key to the entrance door of TAO pocco is kept in a key box. The location of the key box and the PIN will be provided in the email correspondence at the time of booking. When leaving or entering the TAO pocco, please ensure that the TAO pocco entrance door is locked from the outside and placed in the key box.

Countermeasures against Covid-19
The property is adequately ventilated after guests'check-out. There is also a sterilizing/disinfectant spray available on site, which you are free to use.

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